National Bangers

These cars are definitely full contact and full on action, with emphasise on moving the car in front out of the way by any means to gain an advantage. Often MOT failures given a last chance of survival, driven to the scrap yard via the race track. Rollovers, Big Crashes, Wrecked cars are all part of the racing. Skegness Raceway features both the Unlimited cc Bangers, Micro Bangers etc

Several dates through the year for National Bangers check the fixtures for details of whats on.

2L Saloon Stock Cars

Mention Stock Car racing and we always think of the FULL contact 2L Saloon Stock Cars. Using Ford Sierra/Mondeo/BMW/Audi as the donar car all running Zetex Engines.

These cars are fully armoured and the bumpers are used to push and shove the opposition out of their way, resulting in rollovers, spins as part of the race.

The battle scars on the cars show how much contact there is in each race and these races are not for those people of a nervous disposition.

Regularly racing at Skeggy, the highlights of the Saloon racing calendar this season are the UK Speedweek in July, three days of racing with entrants from North of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England. Plus the 2022 Championship of the World in October.

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BriSCA F1 Stock Cars

Brisca F1 Stock Cars are considered to be the King’s of the Oval Circuits. The roar of the Chevy V8 engines and the clash of the steel bumpers fitted front and rear, with up to 36 cars on the track in each race rock the Stadium.

Stars of the BBC Gears and Tears TV 2010 series battle it out like modern time gladiators with the awesome unlimited powered machines, where contact is encouraged

Regular events are held at Skegness Raceway the highlight each year being the UK Championship Speedweekend held in May, two days of high speed racing featuring big cars on a small track!!!

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BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Smaller than the F1 cars but no less spectacular, Brisca F2’s are open wheeled single seater space framed cars with 2L Ford engines. Bumpers front and rear which are used to remove the opposition out of the way. A mainstay of the racing season at Skegness Raceway, with around 20 race dates including the infamous UK Speedweek in July three days of hard fast racing with cars competing from Scotland, England, South West of England, Northern Ireland and Holland. Up to 36 cars on track in any one race sparks certainly fly in this superfast stock car formula

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Rookie Bangers

Rookie Bangers are a limited contact class, Don’t be misled though, the action and entertainment that these cars dish out is as entertaining as any other Banger formula, with big grids of cars seeing spin outs and roll overs in all directions. The Rookie Bangers are often the choice of Drivers just starting out in racing or coming from the Junior Formula and wanting to gain experience. Also includes experienced drivers who just want to have fun, this formula covers all ranges of experience. 

The costs are kept as low as possible with minimum preparation. See Drivers section for full details.

As well as novice drivers, there are plenty of racing stars in Rookie Bangers who love to try their luck on the fast Skeggy Tarmac.

1300 Saloon Stock Cars

This Skeggy favourite, 1300 stock cars are a smaller but no less exciting version of the 2L Stock Cars, with bumpers front & rear, it’s a nudge & spin formula without the heavy contact.

The fast close racing results in rollovers, spins and lots of bumper work.

The cars are mainly 1300cc Novas or Corsas, cars have steel rails on the outside of the body to protect the body panels from too much damage. A budget formula with the emphasis on keeping everything as standard. One of the highlights of the year is the UK Speedweekend in June and the Gold Roof Championship in July

Plenty of race dates on the fast Skeggy tarmac also at Buxton raceway which run to the same spec.

GT Hot Rods

Skegness Raceway's own very popular GT Hot Rods non contact formula with fast close racing no deliberate contact is allowed, GT Hot Rods have the fastest cars starting at the back of the grid who have to hone their racing skills, it is an instant decision and spit second timing which will see drivers overtaking and racing door handle to door handle and move up the grid. Using mainly Novas and Corsa, up to 1400cc engines with limited tuning, front wheel drive, with arched and skirted body panels. An ideal formula to race on the wide bends and fast smooth Skeggy tarmac surface, and a real challenge for drivers of all ability’s. Large grids of cars produce some classic hot rod races.

Junior Rods

The Junior Rods allow the younger generation to cut their teeth in motor racing. This is a fine formula for boys and girls to attempt to emulate their heroes & in lots of cases Dad. Kids between 11yrs & 16yrs take part using standard 1000cc Novas/Corsas in non-contact racing. For 2022 we are also adding Nissan Micras.

Many of the Junior drivers move up into Senior formulas, where you can always tell if they have gone through the Junior ranks once they get out there with the big boys. Ex Junior drivers are always more disciplined and better prepared to race in Senior formulas.

Junior Bangers

This formula is designed to encourage new young drivers (11 to 15 years)  to our circuits, to enjoy the atmosphere & thrills of driving on an oval, without the substantial financial investment. There are many sons and daughters of famous National Banger Drivers racing in Junior Bangers

National Ministox

This is racing for the 10 – 15 years old. National Minis based on the Mini with a 1000cc engine with slight modifications, a fully welded steel chassis with heavy armour is used to protect the driver, many sons and daughters of current Stock Car Champions take part in this formula and despite the drivers only being kids, the action is as thick and fast as any other formula. Contact is allowed in the same way as adult formulas. Another training ground for future Senior Drivers, many of the drivers in the Brisca F1 Stock Cars started out in this formula.

American Cup Cars

The name of the cars perfectly describes this formula. US Style Nascar racing in miniature. The wide bends and tight track at Skegness produce close and competitive racing with 3 and four cars abreast being the norm. Powered by Superbike engines these cars make a very welcome couple of guest appearances.

Micro F2

The ultimate starter formula for UK Stock Car racing. Based on the principles of fun, and low costs, this is the perfect way for children (7 to 11) to enter into the world of Stock Car racing.

They look just like a small stock car, with roof mounted wings, driver’s seat in the centre, engine out front. Powered by 7 horsepower, 4 stroke engines the overall speed is not as much of a factor as the ability of the drivers to pass the others around the outside.

All chassis are identical and provided through BriSCA F2 direct, along with the sealed engines, helping to ensure a level playing field for all. Cars can be bought in kit form, to be assembled by the purchaser, and these are available for just under £2000, whilst complete cars are available for nearer £2500.

ORC Ministox

The non-contact racing is open to children from 11 to 15 years old, with race events spread from Scotland to Cornwall.

The formula is based on a 998cc Mini, as manufactured by British Leyland,The Cars - It is based on an original car with armouring and a 1000cc engine to allow children to partake in a racing formula as a grounding towards racing in the senior formulas raced at ORCi tracks.

Many of the top names in the senior formulas today cut their teeth in minis.
A strict rulebook ensures that all the cars meet the same specification ensuring that the racing is fair. A very strong emphasis on driver safety is maintained throughout the whole process.

The Drivers -The drivers are aged between 11 and 15 years and come from all walks of life, with almost as many girls as boys.  There are approximately 200 registered drivers from around the UK

V8 Hotstox

At first glance these cars may look like scaled-down BriSCA F1s but under the skin they are quite different and an excellent formula in their own right. 

These cars are powered by powerful Rover V8 engines that emit a fine rumble as they lap the ovals, and these drivers are never afraid to use their front bumpers to great effect. The pilots are all very dedicated and determined and always ready to put on a great show.

The field of cars is split into 5 groups according to experience and points. Novices are graded White and must have a white roof. The grades asscend as more points are scored, the next grade is Yellow followed by Blue, Red and Super Star grade. The Super Star grade have red roofs with amber flashing lights and are the most experienced drivers. Super Stars must start each race at the back of the field. Novices (White tops) start at the front followed by each grade.


This is a contact racing series with the need for as little repair equipment as possible. Powered by a very reliable Reliant 850 all aluminium engine these little racers are quick and very competitive. 

The replica 5/8th scale Ford Pop bodywork keeps the nostalgia alive, but the on –track action is very 21st century, with contact allowed but only to push and barge one’s way to the front, the safety record of the Rebel Class is second to none, They have all been factory built using premium quality materials that are designed to do the job

Performance is excellent, but the competition is fierce, with all cars having the same limited suspension system, and dyno checked and sealed power, skill determination and perhaps luck play a big part in any race win.


This is another kart based formula using specially fabricated kart chassis with the look of the traditional stockcar with its bumpers, nerfs and aerofoil, the aim of the game is to remove the driver in front, the formula has tightly controlled tyres and engines, there are lots of competitors and the action is second to none, there is also a junior class