Listed below are our 2022 events

Please check before travelling, please see event previews and/or the ticket page for prices
Date Details  
02nd October 2022 13:00 Pre 90 1600 Bangers Scott Graves Memorial
Pre 90s 1600 Bangers, Lady Rookie Bangers, National Ministox, BriSCA V8
08th October 2022 18:00
09th October 2022 12:00
2L Saloons Championship of the World Speed Weekend
Sat - 2L Saloons World Championship, BriSCA F1
Sun - BriSCA F1, 2L Saloons, BriSCA F2
23rd October 2022 13:00 Rookie Bangers Storr Family Trophy, 1300 Saloons, Gold Roofs for GT Hotrods & Junior Rods  
29th October 2022 18:00 Halloween Spooktacular
B2B Van Bangers
BriSCA F2, Lady Rookie Bangers Gold Roof, Junior Bangers
06th November 2022 14:00 Massive £10000 Firework Display
Banger Caravan Destruction Derby
BriSCA F2, Rookie Bangers, 1300 Saloons, GT Hotrods
19th November 2022 17:00 BriSCA Gala Night promoted by the BMB
BriSCA F1, BriSCA F2, National Ministox